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Entity Formation & Governance

Entity Formation & GovernanceChoosing the right entity form is often one of the first steps for a new business.  This selection involves a range of considerations including liability minimization, tax treatment, financing needs, cost, administrative complexity, and more. Judd Law Group will help you weight the cost, benefits and risks of each option and advise on the selection of the best form of entity for your particular needs.  We will also advise you on the best jurisdiction in which to form your entity.

Judd Law Group will then set up all of your key documents and handle applicable filings for “S” Corporations, “C” Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships (General and Limited), Limited Liability Partnerships, and Fictitious Business Name filings. We will assist you in matters of governance, whether routine, such as observing necessary corporate formalities, or strategic, such as admitting new partners or officers.

And as your entity grows and matures, Judd Law Group will be there to assist in major events such as a merger, acquisition, asset sale or spin-off.