Why Hire Judd Law?

Judd Law Group provides a welcome alternative to “Big Law.” We handle complex litigation and transactions involving business practices, real property, and products. Being small and independent allows Judd Law Group to provide the exceptional legal expertise and depth of experience normally available only to those clients to whom cost is a minor concern.

We achieve cost-effective, high-quality results and provide extraordinary personal service through:

  • a strategic approach that expends legal resources only to the extent required to achieve client objectives;
  • careful planning and budgeting;
  • creative alternative fee arrangements that reward achievement of client objectives and discourage unnecessary work;
  • regular communication about goals, options, costs, and results;
  • effective use of technology and a select pool of legal talent available for project work;
  • strategic, selective use of alternative dispute resolution procedures; and
  • demonstrating at every stage the commitment and ability to take any case to trial and win.

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