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Plaintiffs’ Firms Mount Attack On Toyota

by Amanda Bronstad, The National Law Journal (ALM Publications, February 9, 2010)

For background on the consumer class action claims being brought against Toyota in the wake of reports of sudden acceleration in some of Toyota’s most popular vehicles, National Law Journal reporter Amanda Bronstad sought out Jeffrey Judd, a noted expert on consumer class actions, economic damages claims, and civil litigation based on vehicle recalls.

When asked about the viability of the largest consumer class action cases that had been filed, Mr. Judd observed:

“The legal battle [in the economic harm cases] will center on whether the consumers can prove damages. Toyota . . . likely will assert a defense that says:  ‘Those people who bought [recalled] vehicles, we repaired any defects and they haven’t been harmed.  So where’s the harm?  Show us how people have been hurt.’”