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White Collar Criminal Defense

Criminal DefenseJudd Law Group frequently assists the targets of regulatory and criminal violations respond to search warrants, subpoenas, prepare to provide grand jury testimony, undertake internal investigations, and prepare for “queen for a day” interviews, and negotiate administrative and plea agreements to resolve regulatory and criminal allegations. Representative matters include:

FINRA Investigation Into Allegations of Insurance Agent’s Mishandling of Client Funds. Represented insurance agent respond to FINRA investigation into allegations that she violated FINRA member firm’s policies regarding the handling of premium payments. Matter resolved through Consent Order.

SEC Investigation into Activities of Former Broker-Dealer. Represented former securities broker-dealer in connection with SEC and DOJ investigations into allegedly illegal business practices and associated civil litigation.

Federal Grand Jury Investigation Into Maintenance Operations of Major Air Carrier. On behalf of major air carrier, conducted numerous internal investigations and developed evidence and arguments in connection with NTSB investigation of an airplane crash responsible for the deaths of over 80 people, and related US Attorney investigation into whistleblower allegations of illegal maintenance record-keeping activities pertaining to crash aircraft.

In the Matter of Market-Timing Investigation. On behalf of board of directors of a major mutual fund complex, led internal investigation, and assisted in the defense and resolution of allegations of market-timing by various affiliates of a major mutual fund complex accused of engaging in market timing.

Environmental Services DOJ Investigation. Defended contract operator of wastewater treatment facility against US Department of Justice allegations of falsification of operating records.

Coordinated Attorneys General Investigation Into Recall of Tires Equipped on Ford Explorer Vehicles. Represented Ford Motor Company in connection with coordinated state Attorneys General investigation into allegations arising from the recall of Firestone Wilderness AT tires provided as standard equipment on Ford Explorers.