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FINRA Arbitration Defense

FINRA DefenseIn recent years, customers who were unhappy with their tenancy-in-common real-estate securities (TICs) have brought an unprecedented number of FINRA claims against broker-dealer firms (“B-Ds”) and registered representatives (“RRs”). Plaintiffs’ lawyers and self-described “investment recovery” firms entice investors with the promise of charging no fees until investment losses are recovered. Even though many of these claims are ultimately found to be frivolous, B-Ds and RRs must defend to preserve clean FINRA records and guard against the risk of a significant investor reimbursement award.

For these reasons many B-Ds end up paying huge defense costs: Even those B-Ds with good insurance must pay a big deductible – often as much as $100,000 – before the insurer will pay any defense or settlement costs. As a result, many B-Ds and RRs struggle to preserve their good reputation without going broke.

Judd Law Group is devoted to providing registered representatives and broker-dealers high-quality, cost-effective defense against FINRA arbitration claims.   Judd Law Group provides a better way for B-Ds and RRs to mount an effective defense against customer claims at a fraction of the cost of most other law firms. We allocate defense resources only to issues that really matter, with a single-minded focus on achieving our clients’ objectives.

If you are the target of a FINRA claim, need legal advice, or have questions about the FINRA claim arbitration process, CALL JUDD LAW GROUP NOW TO OBTAIN A NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION with an experienced FINRA arbitration defense lawyer.