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Contract Disputes

ContractJudd Law Group handles a vast array of contract dispute matters.  Representative cases include:

LNV Corp. v. STK Financial LLC, et al. Defended putative guarantors against action to enforce personal guarantees that were obtained through third-party fraud. Case resolved through favorable settlement entered hours after W.D. Washington U.S.D.C. issued order denying plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment and strongly supporting defense theory proffered in opposition to motion for summary judgment. A detailed description of this lawsuit is available here.

Agility Capital II, LLC, and Montage Capital, LLC v. Cataphora, Inc. Represented software company against action brought by loan-to-own investment banking firms to enforce alleged agreement to issue shares of stock and pay substantial fees. In response to cross-complaint, plaintiffs agreed to settle for a small fraction of the demand and without stock transfer. A detailed description of the case is available here.

FINRA Claim Against Registered Representative. Represented registered representative accused of violations of FINRA regulations that allegedly caused substantial investment losses. Matter resolved through confidential settlement.