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Complex Business Litigation

Complex Business LitigationJudd Law Group has deep expertise and broad experience with Complex Business Litigation cases that include resolution of several of the largest cases in recent decades. This includes Anti-SLAPP cases, corporate governance cases, False Claims Act, mass tort/class actions, and products liability.  Representative cases include:

Agility Capital II, LLC, and Montage Capital, LLC v. Cataphora, Inc. Represented software company against action brought by loan-to-own investment banking firms to enforce alleged agreement to issue shares of stock and pay substantial fees. In response to cross-complaint, plaintiffs agreed to settle for a small fraction of the demand and without stock transfer. A detailed description of the case is available here.

FINRA Claim Against Registered Representative. Represented registered representative accused of violations of FINRA regulations that allegedly caused substantial investment losses. Matter resolved through confidential settlement.

Int’l Union of Operating Engineers Loc. #68 Welfare Fund v. Merck & Co., Inc. Represented Merck & Co., Inc. in a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of third-party payors (i.e., HMOs, insurers, employers, and union welfare funds) that sought damages under the NJ Consumer Fraud Act for alleged misrepresentations about the safety of Vioxx. Certification defeated on appeal to the NJ Supreme Court.

In re New Jersey Vioxx Litigation. Served as lead trial counsel representing Merck in connection with economic harm claims by over 80 third-party payors under New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act following decertification of third-party payor class.

California Vioxx Coordinated Class Action cases. Represented Merck in connection with coordinated class action cases brought in California Superior Court alleging economic harm arising from Vioxx purchases on behalf of end-user consumers and third-party payors.

Ford Tire Cases. Represented Ford Motor Company in the first case selected for a bellweather trial in a consolidation proceeding involving thousands of personal injury and wrongful death actions alleging strict product liability, negligence and violation of various state consumer fraud statutes for damages allegedly arising from rollovers in Ford Explorers equipped with Firestone Wilderness AT tires.

Howard, et al. v. Ford Motor Company. Represented Ford in trial of class action lawsuit for alleged violations of California’s Unfair Competition Law and Consumers’ Legal Remedy Act arising from purported misrepresentations about the safety and reliability of “thick film ignition” systems, which replaced mechanical distributors in over 20 million Ford vehicles built in the 1980s.