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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Representative mattersJeffry M. Judd, F.C.I.Arb., has extensive experience successfully representing businesses and individuals in arbitration and mediation proceedings. Representative matters include:


In the Matter of the FINRA Arbitration Between Polizzi, as Claimant, and UBS Securities, Inc., et al., as Respondents. Represented registered representative of UBS Securities in FINRA claim alleging various violations of SEC regulations and FINRA rules. Matter resolved through mediated settlement.

Chiron Corporation v. Ortho Diagnostics. Represented Chiron in arbitration to enforce biotechnology licensing and marketing agreement against joint venture partner.


LNV Corp. v. STK Financial, LLC, et al. (U.S.D.C. W.D.Wa. Case No. 11-5744 RJB). Defended defrauded loan guarantors against bank’s enforcement action. Matter resolved through mediated settlement.

FINRA Claim Against Registered Representative. Represented registered representative accused of violations of FINRA regulations that allegedly caused substantial investment losses. Matter resolved through mediated settlement.

Ex rel. Parsons Engineering, Inc. Represented environmental engineering services firm against California False Claims Act case based on allegations that engineers had falsified engineering report assessing Stockton’s future wastewater treatment needs. Matter resolved through mediated settlement.

State v. Retech Corporation, Inc. Defended a division of Lockheed Martin Corporation against UCL claims brought by the Mendocino County District Attorney for alleged violations of environmental laws. Matter resolved through mediated settlement.

Del Amo Superfund Site. Served as joint defense counsel representing a group of owners (including major hotel operator) of land adjacent to Del Amo Superfund Site against allegations that upstream landowners had contributed to contamination of groundwater plume underneath the Del Amo site. Matter resolved through mediated settlement.