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Judd Law Group Trounces Loan-to-Own Predator

Over the holiday break a year ago, I finalized the settlement of a case for a client that had been referred to me by one of my former partners at O’Melveny & Myers. Although relatively small by O’Melveny standards, an adverse judgment would have eliminated 30-50% of the client’s total operating funds – so in that sense it was a bet-the-company case. Of great importance to the client – which is fiercely independent and owned solely by its founders and employees – was that it had issued warrants to the plaintiffs, and management was loath to issue stock.

From the plaintiffs’ perspective, the suit was a relatively open-and-shut breach of written contract case that it expected to win on summary judgment. In response, I filed a cross-complaint alleging rescission for fraud, violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law, and other related causes. Shortly after the court set a trial date, the plaintiffs reduced their settlement demand by 50%. We stood firm and within two weeks the plaintiffs agreed to dismiss their suit and cancel the warrants in exchange for a nuisance-value settlement payment and dismissal of the cross-complaint. The case was completely resolved in 6 months for less than six figures – including attorney fees and the settlement payment. From everyone’s perspective, it was a decisive victory for our client!

Following resolution, the client’s CEO wrote: “I have had occasion to deal with senior litigators at many of the top firms. In my view Jeff can stand toe to toe with any of them. He is highly efficient, logical, and knows how to craft a great complaint. Especially if you are in the underdog position, fighting with someone larger and better capitalized than you are, working with Jeff will level the playing field and then some. He is very easy to work with and down to earth. I highly recommend him with absolutely no reservations.

I certainly can’t guarantee this kind of result for every case, but it clearly illustrates our value proposition:  Judd Law Group achieves excellent, cost-effective results through fierce advocacy focused solely on strategic, significant objectives.