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IP Portfolio Management

IP Portfolio ManagementIP Portfolio Management is the process of strategically identifying, cataloging , tracking, and maintaining your inventions, patents, brands, trademarks, trade secrets and related contracts, in order to keep them in full force and effect.  Related contracts to be cataloged, tracked and maintained can include licenses, maintenance agreements, assignments, consulting services agreements, employment agreements, and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.  In this era of rapid asset transfers, there is no substitute for implementing a formal system.

Judd Law Group  can help you understand you portfolio and advise you on how to properly identify, track and maintain you IP assets.  We advise on invention record-keeping, patent incentive programs, and can help with your practices regarding trade secret protection as well as copyright and trademark maintenance, licensing, and enforcement programs.  With the objective of maximizing IP protection while containing risks and attendant costs, we recommend consultations starting with product conception. You can’t afford to risk losing critical rights due to neglect.