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Due Diligence Audits

Due Diligence AuditsThe acquisition of IP assets by merger or acquisition includes, intrinsically, opportunities and risks related to the IP being acquired.  Identifying IP assets which can affect your ability, negatively or positively, to enter markets is essential.  Understanding your risk of acquiring infringement liability can also be mission critical. A due diligence audit covers both of these by determining which IP assets exist, what are their sources, and what are their potential future uses.  Properly evaluating the risks and opportunities of acquiring IP assets can thus mean the difference between successful value creation and a wasteful right-off.  A due diligence audit might also be necessary if you are seeking financing, as you may need to provide the same scope of information to your investors.

Judd Law Group will handle every aspect of your diligence audit as well as drafting any agreements needed to maximize the value of the IP assets being acquired.  We start with a determination of how the IP assets were created, acquired or licensed.  We look closely at works created by employees and contractors to confirm ownership. IP assets created by a third party must also be evaluated closely to confirm there will be unfettered future usage rights.  Judd Law Group will check the status of filings (e.g., federal trademarks and copyrights), and then conclude the audit by reviewing all customer agreements, grants and licensee agreements to ensure that no portion of the ownership rights have been given away.