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  • Why Hire Judd Law?

    Judd Law Group provides a welcome alternative to "Big Law." We handle complex litigation and transactions involving business practices, intellectual property, real property, and products. Being small and independent allows Judd Law Group to provide the exceptional legal expertise … [Continue Reading]

    Why Hire Judd Law?
  • Testimonials

    With clients all over the United States, Judd Law Group is one of the premier "go-to" legal resources in California. We help our clients solve problems with the best combination of price and coverage by focusing on what's important to achieve their objectives.  Here's what some … [Continue Reading]

  • Our Firm

    Businesses and individuals retain Judd Law Group to obtain exceptional value.  Judd Law Group combines the quality, experience, and judgment of a big firm with the responsiveness, personal attention and cost structure of a boutique. We regularly achieve favorable results in … [Continue Reading]

    Our Firm
  • Fee Arrangements

    Judd Law Group uses alternative fee arrangements (AFAs)  to provide clients predictable costs and align the cost and value of the legal services we provide. Our focus on the fundamentals of effective management – communication; legal strategy; planning and monitoring timelines, … [Continue Reading]

    Fee Arrangements

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